AskChristee Smarter Agent Network

Why Use a AskChristee Recommended Agent?

When you hire a real estate agent, you are placing a tremendous amount of trust and confidence in one person to represent your best interest. It is for this reason; we created the ‘AskChristee Smarter Agent Network’. These agents are seasoned professionals with tremendous local market knowledge and the smarts to represent your best interest in all aspects of either buying or selling a home.

Beyond location and specific housing requirements, the single most important aspect of purchasing a home will be the financing details including closing cost. We believe the agent you hire should exercise ‘reasonable care’ in pursuing the best financial options available for you including mortgage details and closing cost. We believe this duty is inherent to protect your interest by the real estate agent.

Most real estate agents provide concierge services by simply recommending a Lender, Loan officer and Title Company. Other than the referral, they have little involvement in the finance or closing side of the transaction.

You should understand, the Lender or Title Company do not represent you as an agent. These companies are hired to perform a specific task. They represent their own self-interest and therefore, it is vital that the homebuyer either rely upon their agent to protect their interest, or do their own due diligence before hiring a Lender or Title Company.

For additional information, please read the article ‘Hiring a Buyer Agent’.

If you are looking for comprehensive agent representation then we highly recommend you speak to an agent within the AskChristee Smarter Agent Network.

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