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AskChristee, a professional platform, streamlines the prequalification of homebuyers and tailors loan options while eliminating guesswork.

Loan officers using Christee can efficiently communicate the best loan options to borrowers and real estate agents within seconds.

AskChristee offers detailed loan information and closing costs based on a selected location.

The platform provides flexibility, allowing customized reports based on lender-specific criteria.

AskChristee’s calculations include DTI ratios, down payment, closing costs, total cash required, base loan, total loan, PITI (including applicable monthly mortgage insurance), and potential tax deductions

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AskChristee technology is changing the homebuying experience.

I have been a Loan Officer for over 25 years and a realtor prior to that. I have never seen a more comprehensive or user-friendly program to match “Ask Christee”. I highly recommend this to all Loan Officers, realtors or anyone interested in buying or selling a home.

Jake F., Loan officer Washington Home Mortgage

The Christee mobile app empowers loan officers to instantly provide information and generate reports for borrowers and agents seamlessly.

With 16 different modules, Christee can handle various real estate matters.

View the details of each Christee module.

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