FAQs for Loan Officers and Lenders

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Christee streamlines the prequalification of homebuyers providing data for all loan options while eliminating guesswork.

Loan officers using Christee can efficiently communicate the best loan options to borrowers and real estate agents within seconds.

Loan officers can easily adjust calculations and reports to represent their lending guidelines.

Some loan officers may be reluctant to accept new technology or a new market place for meeting homebuyers. There are not any valid reasons why loan officers should not embrace AskChristee for themselves and for  homebuyers.

If you are a loan officer, you may share your thoughts regarding the AskChristee platform at admin@askchristee.com.

Christee offers a basic and a premium membership option. To learn more click here 

The challenge is an fun opportunity for loan officers to compete with AskChristee results. The only requirement is that Loan officer must agree that results will be published.

Loan officers are akin to emergency responders, always on call even during odd hours.

The Christee mobile app is an invaluable tool for loan officers, enabling them to share information seamlessly and generate reports instantly for borrowers and agents.

Apart from the technical aspects of loans, loan officers often engage in discussions regarding renting vs. buying, timing the purchase concerning interest rates, and outlining the broader advantages of homeownership.

Christee provides specialized modules to display objective data to enhance these discussions.

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