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Today, real estate agents are looking for innovative ways to build client trust and enhance their career.

Due to recent litigation many real estate agents are searching for ways to articulate their value proposition to homebuyers.

Agents must provide services beyond traditional or typical services. 

A recent survey confirmed the following facts regarding homebuyers:

  • Financing type and terms are critical factors for homebuyers
  • The majority of homebuyers rely on their agent for financial guidance
  • Each month, about 16 million people search mortgage calculators confirming that homebuyers are seeking better financial options.

Recently, The National Association of Realtors wrote “…mortgage calculators help REALTORS® advise their buyer clients, build trust and raise their clients’ financial literacy. You can easily explain to your buyers, using your phone as a visual aid, that certain homes fit or don’t fit their budget. This type of grounded, quick decision-making will secure your role as a trusted advisor early on in the process.”

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AskChristee technology is changing the homebuying experience.

Enhance your career with the industry’s best financial platform.

With 16 different modules, Christee technology provides insight to all real estate matters. Provide indepth analysis and insight without personal data such as income, debts or credit score.

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