FAQs for Real Estate Agents

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No Dodd Franks specifically excludes real estate agents thus agents are not prohibited from discussing financial matters with their clients

Great Question. Unfortunately this is a common practice. Typically, these companies are involved in the mortgage business. This practice encourages business to their mortgage company which is in their best interest but may not be in the buyers best interest.

No. We will match you with buyers and sellers. We do not collect any referral fees based on closed transactions.

Yes buyers can create a free membership with AskChristee. However, you will not be able to fully engage in the discussion which could deminish the buyer’s trust in you.


By becoming a member in the ‘Smart Homebuyer Network you benefit by  (1) Expanded service to your buyers and (2) Great exposure to homebuyers. Please visit ‘About Us’ page ‘For Real Estate Agents’.

No. Many loan officer use the Christee platform to enhance their ability to provide fast & accurate analysis and data to borrowers.

No. The only person with ‘agent’ responsibility in a real estate transaction is the real estate agent.

Christee provides two modules that were developed for agents that do not wish to discuss their client’s income or monthly debts. The Quick PreQual module will develop an in-depth report of purchase options based upon a desired monthly payment.

The Quick Buyer Choice module will develop purchase loan options for a specific property without entering the client’s income or debts

Either module will allow you to compare loan types, downpayments, and closing cost thus allowing your clients to make smart decisions.

An agent should protect the interest of the clients (homebuyer) in all matters. Finances are an extremely important aspect of buying a home.

The NAR endorsed agents using mortgage calculators to help REALTORS® advise their buyer clients, build trust and raise their clients’ financial literacy

An agent must create an AskChristee agent membership.  As an agent you may select as a ‘Basic” or ‘Premium’ plan. Both plans are very affordable. 

It would be foolish for an agent to attempt to function under a ‘Guest’ account for several reasons

  1. Any documentation you shared with a buyer would promote another agent.
  2. Should an agent attempt to utilize a ‘Guest’ account then they will be barred from AskChristee.
  3. Membership is extremely affordable. 

The mobile app in included in both the ‘Basic’ or ‘Premium’ membership plan.

There is no additional cost associated with having the mobile app on your phone.

With the ‘Premium’ membership you will be promoted to homebuyers in your market.

The short answer is ‘No’. However, to increase your financial literacy you may wish to:

  1. Visit the help page for each module to better understand hows and whys of that particular module
  2. Read relevant finance articles under the resources page

AskChristee is a very professional tool but with a liitle practice you should become conversant in a very short period of time.

AskChristee will allow you to provide guidance and insight in structuring buyers’ best financial options in buying a home. This guidance in one of the most (if not most) aspects of buying a home will enhance your value to buyers and separate you from competitors. 

The monthly cost for a ‘Basic’ membership is less than a pack of cigarettes.

The monthly cost for a ‘Premium’ membership is based upon your market, however, the average cost is less than any other platform.

There are no long term commitments and you may cancel your membership at any time.

Under the ‘About Tab’ select ‘For Real Estate Agents’ to determine availability and cost for AskChristee membership in your market

You may cancel your membership at any time. Membership dues will be prorated as of the date of your cancellation. 

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