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AskChristee provides concise mortgage affordability calculations and insights for homebuyers to make smart decisions including all loan types, downpayments, closing cost and so much more.

Technology has transformed almost every aspect of business. A notable exception is real estate finance. Homebuyers are provided information based upon simplistic calculations with a healthy dose of guesswork.

The lack of technology and transparency makes homebuyers completely reliant upon others to provide any insight to their financial options.

Typically, the financial information provided lacks sophistication and may not represent homebuyer’s best interest. Uniformed homebuyers can easily be manipulated and waste hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Studies confirm, homebuyers become confused and stressed out regarding their best financial options.

AskChristee technology is changing the homebuying experience.

Christee technology provides the information to make smart decisions in every step of the homebuying journey.

This one-of-a-kind technology provides you with concise reports for complex issues such as:

  • What is an affordable price home?
  • What is best loan type?
  • What is minimum cash required to purchase an affordable home?
  • What is the best use of cash for downpayment and closing cost?
  • Available options to reduce monthly payment and required cash?
  • Is now the right time to buy or should I wait?
  • Should I buy or rent a home?
  • What is the best finance option to buy your dream home?

Christee empowers you with information to better communicate with lenders, real estate agents and title companies to protect your financial interest.

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As an AskChristee member you will have exclusive access to the Christee Money Savings Tip Video. This video will provide details on how to make smart decisions when hiring a real estate agent, lender, or title company. These insider tips will provide you information to save hundreds or thousands of dollars whether buying or selling a home.

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