Should you Buy or Keep Renting?

In this video, we will demonstrate how AskChristee provides all relevant data for renting or buying a home decision

The decision to buy a home instead of renting is a multifaceted dilemma for many individuals.

It is widely acknowledged that owning a home is a wise long-term financial move. For most people, buying a home represents the most significant financial decision they will make and plays a pivotal role in building their future wealth.

Grasping the intricate financial implications of home buying necessitates extensive calculations.

Financial factors to be considered include

  • Monthly rent versus mortgage payments
  • Annual mortgage interest deduction
  • Potential income tax savings
  • Net mortgage expenses
  • Downpayment requirements
  • Total cash outlay, including downpayment plus closing costs

AskChristee will provide information for you to make Smart Homebuying Decisions