Christee Monthly Budget Quick Start

This module will answer the following questions:

What is an affordable monthly mortgage payment?

Is the affordable payment a payment you qualify for?

Is it a payment that fits within your lifestyle budget?


An affordable mortgage payment should fit within your monthly budget.

Monthly Budget allows an overview of current monthly obligations including Federal and State Income Taxes and how a new mortgage payment fits in your budget.

The Monthly Budget consist of all monthly obligations including those that would not be used by a Lender to determine mortgage qualifications. A Lender is generally concerned with those debt obligations that appear on a credit report. For example, private school tuition does not appear on your credit report but could be a factor in your personal monthly budget when considering a new mortgage payment.

Below is a brief explanation for the required and optional inputs. Additionally, in the browser input form there is a brief description for each input.

There are 21 Required Inputs for Christee Budget Module.

  • 1. State. State is required for mortgage calculations plus State Income Tax Calculation.
  • 2. County or City. Required for calculations such as property taxes.
  • 3. Sales Price. Enter Sales Price of Property Under Consideration.
  • 4. Select Loan Type. Select either Conventional, FHA, VA, or USDA.
  • 5. Interest Rate. Enter current mortgage rate for loan type desired.
  • 6. Loan Term. Select term from drop down box.
  • 7. Annual Income. Required for calculations.
  • 8. Self-employed (Yes or No). Required for Social Security and Medicare Calculations.
  • 9. Married (Yes or No)  Required for Federal and State Income Calculations.
  • 10. Credit score. Credit score is required for Christee Algorithms. Range 550-850.
  • 11. Number of Children. Required for State Income Tax and other calculations.


  • For each of the following obligations either 0 or amount current of payment.


    • 12. Monthly Health Insurance.
    • 13. Monthly Auto Insurance.
    • 14. Monthly Credit Card Payment(s). Enter amount you paid each month on credit card balances.
    • 15. Monthly Car Payment(s).
    • 16. Monthly Utilities. Utilities include payment for heat source and electricity.

      Tip. If unsure of monthly utility cost leave blank. Christee will estimate utility charges based upon area and square footage of property. Please see ‘square footage input under ‘Optional Inputs’.

    • 17. Cell Phone. Enter monthly amount for cell phone bill.
    • 18. Monthly Cable Bill. Enter amount for cable bill including Wi-Fi service.
    • 19. Monthly Food Cost

      Tip. If blank, Christee will estimate food cost based upon area and family size.

    • 20. Amount of Other Debt. Enter amount of monthly obligation not shown. Please also check optional inputs.
    • 21. Describe Other Debt

There are 16 Optional Inputs available to customize your report. NOT required for Christee Results.

  • 1. Annual Tax-free Income. Enter amount of annual income not subject to Federal and State Income Taxes.
  • 2. 401k or Pension. Enter the amount of your monthly contribution exclusive of employer.
  • 3. Child Care. Obligation for payment of child care. Most typically, when parent(s) are working.
  • 4. Child Support. Obligation to pay child support, most typically from a previous marriage.
  • 5. Monthly Alimony. Obligation to pay support to a prior spouse.
  • 6. School Tuition. This could be monthly amount of private school tuition or repayment of a College Tuition loan or current college tuition.
  • 7. Pet Cost. Enter pet cost to include food, grooming, vet care, etc.
  • 8. Property Taxes. Enter existing property taxes or Christee will estimate property taxes.
  • 9. Square Footage of Home. The square footage will be used to estimate monthly utility charges if monthly utility costs are not entered.
  • 10. Limit Loan Amount. Enter an amount if you wish to limit the mortgage amount.
  • 11. Limit LTV. Enter the maximum loan-to-value (LTV). LTV is the opposite of down payment. A 10% down payment results in a 90% LTV.
  • 12. Condo or HOA fees. Enter Monthly Amount as applicable.
  • 13. VA Funding Fee Exempt. Only applicable if you have selected a VA loan and the veteran borrower is exempt from paying VA Funding Fee.
  • 13. First Time VA Buyer. Only applicable to VA loans. Default is ‘Yes’. If you have had a prior VA loan enter ‘No’.
  • 14. Name.  If name is entered, then PDF file will include name.
  • 15. Phone. Enter your phone number to have a Christee Certified Agent to contact you.
  • 16. Email Address. By entering a valid email address, you have the option to have the PDF report emailed to yourself or another person.

    Tip. If this field is blank, then you may download the PDF report.

    Tip. Make sure you hit the ‘submit’ button after entering an email address.

We hope you enjoy your AskChristee experience!

Results will be displayed in your browser. Additional detail is available in the PDF file. Please review results with a recommended AskChristee Agent and Lender.

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