This document illustrates which Christee Modules is most applicable to real estate situations for
three types of users (1) Consumers (2) Real Estate Agents (3) Loan Officers.

Consumers: Christee is a terrific tool for homebuyers. We suggest you share your Christee
reports with a trusted real estate agent and loan officer.

(1) What price home can I buy based upon a desired monthly payment?

Quick PreQual will convert desired monthly payment into a projected purchase price based
upon location and loan type. Cash required is displayed and several optional inputs allow for
customized report.

Caution: This module does NOT calculate affordability of the desired monthly payment.

(2) A lender indicates I can afford a $2900 total monthly payment for an FHA loan. How can I
further explore my option based upon this payment?

Quick PreQual. Explore purchase price and required total cash based upon locations. Enter your
credit score for enhanced results.

Caution. If the USDA option is more appealing than FHA, please discuss possible USDA loan with
loan officer.

(3) I have inherited $38,000 for the express purpose of buying a home. How can I best determine
an affordable purchase price?

Option 1 Quick PreQual will allow for input of the $38,000 and a desired monthly payment.
Select loan types and see multiple purchase options.

Caution: Results do NOT show affordability. Please consult a Lender.

Option 2 Buyer PreQual. Enter the required inputs including annual gross income and debts.
Enter $38,000 as available cash. Select loan types. Results will indicate affordable price homes
based upon spending cash and loan type. You may adjust monthly payment and other features.

Caution. Christee will display whether the target payment is based upon Christee algorithms or
user input and resulting Debt-to-Income ratios. Please review these results with a trusted loan

(4) I routinely view houses online. Typically, very limited monthly payment information is
displayed. How can I view a better range of potential monthly payments and purchase options?

Solution 1 Quick Buyer Choice. Select location and loan types. Enter price and other optional
inputs such as desired payment, available cash, and property taxes.

Solution 2 Buyer PreQual: Enter required inputs including income and debts. Enter any optional
inputs such as desired payment (if desired payment is greater than Christee Target payment,
turn Ratios off as an optional input). The Christee app will remember your inputs each
subsequent use.

Caution: During your property and finance exploration, you should discuss Christee report(s)
with trusted loan officer.

(5) How can I get an objective report of buying with today’s interest rates or waiting for rates to

The Buy or Wait module will allow you to enter a variety of inputs such as today’s rate, future
rates, potential appreciation or depreciation, purchase price, and loan type. The report will
provide the most objective data to help you make an informed decision.

Caution: The report is NOT altered based upon income and debts. Please share the PDF file with
a trusted loan to review the debt-to-income ratios.

(6) How can I get objective information to buy or rent a home?

The Buy or Rent module will provide objective data such as rent compared to total mortgage
payment (PITI), potential tax benefits, and potential equity analysis.

Caution: This module does NOT compute qualifying ratios. Please run Buyer PreQual for buying
options and consult with a trusted loan officer.

(6) My wife and have great incomes, however, we do not have much cash. How can I explore my
options to reduce cash required for buying a home?

Great Question. You can reduce cash for closing cost by either a seller or lender closing credit.All Christee modules provide an optional input to enter potential closing credits. The max amount of closing credit is based upon loan type and Christee will make sure you do not exceed maximums allowed.

You may also reduce the downpayment per different loan type. For example, USDA and VA
require zero downpayment.

The simple solution is to run any module with multiple loan types. Compare the results for
monthly payment and require cash after allowance for potential closing credits.

(7) How can I see what my potential wealth is with homeownership?

The Home Wealth module will detail potential wealth annually based upon mortgage reduction
(amortization) and property appreciation.

Note. If you want just amortization results, enter zero for appreciation.

Real Estate Agents. Recent studies verify that homebuyers rely upon their agent for financial
advice. Christee will allow you better fulfill your role as agent for the buyer.

(1) A couple is interested in selling their home and purchasing another home. What Christee
modules should I use?

Step 1. Use Seller Net module to estimate the net proceeds (cash) client should receive from
the sale of their home.

Step 2. Use either Quick PreQual or Buyer PreQual to establish projected purchase price,
monthly payment, and total cash required. If you are reluctant to establish income and monthly
debts, then you will use the Quick PreQual module. However, Buyer PreQual will provide more
detail and accurate results especially when PMI insurance is required.

Note: During the initial analysis, it is suggested you explore the possibility of using some of
client’s equity (cash) to reduce personal debts such as credit cards or auto payments.
Accomplish this by reducing available cash and comparing potential purchase price and monthly

Step 3. Review the Christee results with a loan officer to create a better path to homebuying for
your client.

(2) Quite often my clients ask me what the total monthly mortgage payment will be. This occurs
when showing properties or when negotiating offers. How can Christee help?

Step 1. The Christee Mobile App, will answer the client’s question by either using the ‘Quick
Buyer Choice’ or ‘Buyer Choice’. If you know income, debt etc., use Buyer Choice, otherwise use
Quick Buyer Choice.

Note: When using Quick Buyer Choice, we suggest you enter the credit score for more accurate

Within seconds, you can provide the client with the total mortgage payment, loan amount,
downpayment, closing cost, and potential tax deduction.

Note. Quick and reliable information will allow your clients to make faster, smarter decisions.

(3) How can Christee help me assist clients to evaluate different mortgage types such as
Conventional, FHA, USDA, or VA.

Step 1. All the Christee modules allow user to select one or multiple loan types to evaluate. Simply compare the results for each loan type. You may also encourage your client to use AskChristee at After a brief introduction your clients can explore various loan options. Your clients can compare results by loan type side-by-side.

Note: The Christee results will allow you and/or the client to have an intelligent conversation
with your trusted loan officer.

(4) I have senior citizen clients who own properties that are no longer suitable to their life styles. They are retired so qualifying for a mortgage is difficult and they do not have sufficient equity to pay cash for another home. Can Christee provide any solutions?

Step 1. Use Seller Net module to establish potential cash from sale of existing home.

Step 2. Enter clients age and location in Reverse Mortgage module. To better define purchase
options, enter available cash in optional inputs.

Note. Confirm your favorite lender is also active in processing FHA Reverse Mortgages (HECM).

(5) My buyer clients ask me my opinion whether they should pay a loan origination to reduce the
mortgage interest rate. Can Christee help me?

Step 1. Use the Home Wealth Analysis module. Enter zero for home appreciation.

Step 2. Enter interest rate available without payment of origination fee. Look at total interest
rate paid over life of loan. Next look at total interest paid over a given period – typically the
period of time client expects to remain in property – 5 years for example.

Step 3. Repeat process in step 2 with interest rate with payment of origination fee.

Step 4. Compare interest saved from steps 2 and step 3.

Step 5. Compare interest saved to cost of origination fee.

(6) When preparing offers to purchase, the possibility of potential seller closing is often
discussed. How can Christee assist me and my clients in evaluating the pros and cons of seller

Step 1. Run appropriate Christee module without a seller credit (optional input).

Step 2. Run same module with potential seller concession either as percent of purchase price or a dollar amount (optional inputs).

Step 3. Compare cash required and monthly payments from above steps.Note. If you anticipate increasing price to offset seller concession, increase purchase price in step 2.

Note 2. It is often advantageous to purchasers to utilize the least amount of cash. This is
especially true when extra cash is used to pay off personal debt.

(7) I work in an area which is popular for both primary and second home buyers. Can you explain
difference between Vacation and Buyer Prequal modules?

The Vacation module is different than Buyer Prequal module in several ways:

(a) The Vacation module includes existing primary mortgage payment in calculations. The
required inputs include mortgage payment, property taxes, and interest rate for primary home.
These inputs affect the debt-to-income qualifying ratios.

(b) The calculation for potential tax deduction on a 2 nd home is very different than tax deduction
for primary residence.

(8) Due to market conditions, many of my clients are hesitant about buying today. How can
Christee provide insight?

Run Buy or Wait module. You should also encourage your client to run same module at Christee will provide the analytics for your client to make an informed

(9) How do I provide concise and accurate information to folks that are currently renting and
hesitant to purchase a home?

Run Buy or Rent module for an objective analytical report on the potential benefits of
homeownership compared to renting.

(10) How can I provide my clients with a thorough report on closing cost?

Run the Closing Cost module to view closing cost associated with the location and loan type.
View optional inputs to better define parameters for the report. You may also email the closing
cost PDF file to your client.

Note: Each Christee module develops a closing cost report which can be accessed via the PDF
file available for each module.

Note. Many modules allow for the input of a specific close date, otherwise the close date is 30
days from date of module execution.

Note. The PDF will be emailed to the email account associated with the user. To send the PDF
to your client, change the email account at the bottom of optional inputs.

(11) How does Christee compare to online affordability or mortgage calculators?

The short answer there is no comparison. Online affordability calculators are just toys that most often are used to entice someone into a mortgage application. They provide very limited data and should not be relied upon by professionals or consumers.

What is the best way to become proficient in running Christee modules?

There are several ways to familiarize yourself with AskChristee.
(a) Access link to YouTube videos on App Menu.
(b) Access instruction videos in the Resource Tab at

(c) Use ‘Help’ available on all modules

Loan Officers. The development of the Christee Mobile App was in large part as a result of
feedback from loan officers. While they appreciated the speed and efficiency of the AskChristee
site they envisioned the convenience and time saved with Christee modules on their phone.

Christee and typical loan officer situations.

(1) Pre-Qualifications. Loans officers are tasked with the job of assembling borrower data such
as income, debts, and credit profile (score) and then recommending a target monthly payment,
loan type, required cash, and potential purchase price home. A time-consuming endeavor!

Christee Solution: Buyer PreQual Module

Step 1. Enter required Inputs including loan types to use in the report.

Step 2. Review initial Christee results especially DTI ratios.

Step 3. Adjust target payment by either increasing or decreasing allowable PITI with optional
input ‘Limit Payment’

Step 4. Enter ‘Available Cash’ in optional inputs.

Step 5. Review minimum cash results and spending cash results.

Step 6. Adjust Report Results by use of additional optional inputs.

In a couple of minutes (seconds), you have developed a target purchase price based upon an
affordable monthly payment, loan type, closing cost, and downpayment.

Christee has eliminated guess work and saved time with a detailed report reflective of your

Important Notice

Very soon Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents will be able to access their prior clients by name which will save time.

(2) Very often loan officers are asked questions such as (a) What is the payment on a specific price ?
(b) How much closing concessions are allowed? (c) What are the closing costs? (d) How much
will the payment be lowered with additional downpayment? (e) How much is PMI monthly? (f)
How much downpayment is required to have a desired monthly payment? or (g) an endless
amount of questions pertaining to the purchase of a specific home. Often these questions are
after work hours and pose an interruption to social events.

Christee Solution: You can answer virtually all questions relative to purchasing a specific
property with the Buyer Choice Module. You may select multiple loan types to review.

Step 1. Enter required inputs.
Step 2. Enter any optional inputs such as property taxes, cash to spend, downpayment percent,
desired monthly payment, seller credits, lender credits, lender fees, close date, loan origination
fee, or desired loan amount.
Note. You may enter all optional inputs at same time.
Note. If you do not enter property taxes, Christee will estimate them based on location.
Step 3. After you review the report, you may increase the allowable payment (increase DTI
ratio) with two optional inputs (a) enter desired payment in ‘limit payment’ input and set ‘use
ratios’ to NO.
Within a few minutes you have results to answer current questions and can quickly entertain
additional questions.
The Christee Buyer PreQual and Buyer Choice are the two most popular module for loan
officers. However, you may find other modules helpful for other situations.

We Hope You Enjoy Your Christee Experience!